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Turning Passions into a Career: A Personal Journey of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Updated: Mar 31

Today, I want to share a story close to my heart, a journey that's taken me from the quiet aisles of bookstores to the bustling life of entrepreneurship, all fueled by a passion for creativity and design.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

My love affair with crafts, fashion, and design began in the most humble of places: the aisles of bookstores. As a child, whether accompanying my mom on her shopping trips or just looking for a fun free adventure with friends, you could always find me nestled in bookstores between the isles of crafts and fashion books. I was utterly fascinated by the artistry in those pages, from intricate craft techniques to the glamorous world of high fashion models and iconic brands. I absorbed it all like a sponge and my imagination ran wild.

Entrepreneur discovering passion for design in a bookstore aisle

This passion wasn't limited to just books. Shows like Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, and anything on HGTV were my go-to entertainment, often shared with my mom as we delved into our own little jewelry-making sessions. I was enchanted by the idea of creating beauty, whether through visual design, with my hands, or even modeling.

Dreams vs. Reality

As much as I dreamed of a career in modeling or interior design, the realist in me chose a more practical path when college decisions rolled around. I chose Graphic Design because it was something creative that I might enjoy and it had a promising future career path. From the basic Art Fundamental courses to learning how to use Adobe Programs, I use those skills almost every day in my work today. I did not end up completing that degree, because sitting behind a computer for hours on end didn't suit me. I needed to do something with more movement and something that involved working with my hands.

overhead photo of a barnding board for the brand The Volve Collective

Despite not choosing the career path of my dreams, the spark of creativity in design, fashion, and modeling never dimmed. I have admired figures like Martha Stewart, who seemed to have her hands in all things crafty and home-related, embodying the very essence of turning passions into a livelihood, and boy, what a dream to have in my head! Did I ever think I'd actually become the next Martha Stewart? No, but the dream I envisioned gave me something to chase and be inspired by.

high fashion modeling post of woman holding a book

Years ago, one of my friends had a meeting with a modeling agent, and just for fun I asked if I could tag along to see if they had any opportunities for me in modeling. I sat there quietly as the meeting went on, not wanting to take the spotlight off my friend who was there for a potential job. At the end of the meeting, we kindly asked the agent what their thoughts were on me being a model, and the agent looked me up and down, grabbed my hands and said, "You'd make a great hand model!" That was the moment I knew my dreams of being a model was over, at least in the way I envisioned. And ever since then I've had it in my head that I'm a hand model, haha!

Close up of hands modeling vintage rings

A New Chapter Begins

Fast forward through the years, my casual hobby of making jewelry while watching TV morphed into an unexpected business venture. What started as a therapeutic hobby evolved into my full-time job within a few years, which ironically gave me the opportunity to incorporate elements of my dreams in modeling, decorating, designing, and creating with my hands. It's been a testament to the power of nurturing one's passions and skills, learning through trial and error, and the beauty of evolving interests. I took the leap of faith going into business by harnessing my passions and trusting my skills from previous work experience (another topic I will expand on later).

Even now, at 36, I'm inspired by quotes from Marilyn Monroe that resonate with my journey. I find myself embarking on a new chapter with The Volve Collective. Despite the fears and uncertainties of starting over, especially after a decade of building a successful business, I'm more confident and prepared than ever, and I'm just getting started. Embracing change and following my passions reinvigorates a sense of fulfillment within me and raises my awareness in how blessed I am to be able to do what I love for a living.

flatlay photo of a collage of inspirational fashion photos and a book open to a page with a quote that reads, "When I think of the future I think, I'm 36 years old. I am just getting started." by Marylin Monroe

Inspiration for Change

If you're standing at a crossroads, uncertain about pursuing a change or what that change could be, let my story inspire you. Reflect on the activities and passions that brought you joy in your younger years. There might just be a clue there - a spark that could lead you towards a fulfilling future.

So here's to dreams, to the winding paths they take us on, and to the reality we create from them. It's never too late to pursue what sets your soul on fire. Embrace your passions, put in the hard work, and watch as our dreams unfold into the beautiful tapestry of your life.



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