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The Volve Collective is not just a brand; it's a movement toward embracing and expressing one's true self through the art of growing and evolving. It's a labor of love and a culmination of our experiences, dreams, and aspirations. Founded on the principles of creativity, mental health awareness, and sustainable fashion, we aim to empower individuals to look good, feel confident, and pursue their passions.



The Volve emerged from a decade of learning, growth, and transformation led by Amy Leigh Price, the creative force behind her original brand Wired by ALP. Amy's venture into jewelry making started as a hobby in 2014. It became a sanctuary during life's tumultuous moments, including the loss of her mother and later the loss of her husband. These personal trials deepened her commitment to mental health awareness, fueling her passion for creative expression as a means for finding her purpose and healing.


The transition from Wired by ALP to The Volve Collective marks a new chapter in Amy's journey, once again where passion meets purpose. Amy aims to share her story of resilience and hope, encouraging others to find solace and strength in their passions. Our collection of vintage and contemporary pieces embodies the spirit of sustainability, self-expression, and the timeless beauty of pursuing what sets your soul on fire. Vintage jewelry is the starting point for a vast and bright future for The Volve Collective. 


We take pride in meticulously testing every item we sell, using high-quality tools and precise measures to uncover each piece's unique history and material specifications. Our process includes identifying maker's marks, metal types, and testing for precious and semi-precious stones. We are thorough in our research, ensuring we accurately identify and price each vintage piece according to its distinctive characteristics.


Precise Presidium Gem Tester II


HMKIS Diamond Selector II


Advanced Tech ELIKLIV Digital Telescope

Testing diamonds


Professional Grade Jeweler Glasses


UV Black Light


Setting Tools & More

presiduim gem tester, diamon select tester, and digital telescope
various hand tools we use to care for our vintage jewelry
professional grade jewelry glasses



Founder & CEO

Amy is a creative professional with a diverse background in e-commerce, retail, customer service, and business management. Her journey into the creative realm has been largely self-directed, fueled by a profound passion for multimedia design, social media marketing, content creation, and web development. Although she embarked on formal education in Graphic Design and Business Management, she discovered her capability for independent learning and chose to leave college when her business achieved its initial significant financial success. Her affinity for visual design and the fulfillment of bringing ideas to life with her hands have been the cornerstones of her career.


Beyond her professional endeavors, she is deeply passionate about a wide range of interests. Her creative pursuits are vast, covering an extensive list of hobbies, and she is dedicated to mental health awareness and personal growth and development. Having evolved and matured over the past decade, she feels a deep-seated conviction that she is meant for something greater. This conviction led to the creation of The Volve Collective. She hopes to inspire others through her work and personal journey, encouraging them to embrace their passions and see the limitless possibilities their lives can hold, despite any adversities they may face.

Learn more about Amy's journey into business, by clicking the link below to listen to an interview with Carla Marie from iHeart Radio on her podcast "Side Hustlers." 

(jump straight into the podcast at 2:10).

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